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The Hardest of Hard Reads | Smash Bros Ultimate Montage

It’s the kind of video that’s the last thing you think of before you go to sleep. You get up before breakfast to look at it again. Being able to read how your opponent plays their character can ultimately lead to to out-performing them. However, if you play your cards right you can get some […]

The Art of Disrespect | Smash Bros Ultimate Montage

Sometimes you wanna play Smash Bros for fun, put on a few items and just goof around. Today’s video has none of that. It feels like we got it all from spikes, footstools, shield breaks & more – all in pursuit of displaying the fact that we can do it. Does Tony, using Ness, need […]

The Return of Shlongstro | SSBU Little Mac Montage

Shlongstro first made his appearance on this channel back on the Wii U days of Super Smash Bros., but for awhile he was relegated as an Easter-egg in the endcard. After a small back and forth, we decided to bring him back. Although his Little Mac is more along the lines of “I bet if […]

Team Smash Spectacular | Smash Ultimate Montage

Sometimes we just read our opponents just right and get a fantastic clip, sometimes we get lucky and get a something crazy when we’re recording. Today, we have a video using a bit of both. We have Yoshy as Little Mac & Ike, Torviz as Pikachu, and Tony as Ness. From shield breaks, double spikes, […]

Let’s Go Pikachu | Smash Ultimate Montage

Today we take our newly acquired Pikachu main online, and we put some of the most fun clips we got against people. Tony’s going Ness, and Yoshy is going as Ike and Little Mac. We hope you enjoy the latest addition to the channel, his Pikachu is fresh but he’s already learning and yeeting people […]

Pikachu (Torviz) Vs Ike & Joker | Elite Smash Salt Triple Feature – No Commentary

Go Pikachu! Today we have Officer Horror Time (formally known as Torviz/TorvizGames) take on some people online. Since his debut onto the channel, Torviz has been rocking Pikachu and has been training and teaming up with the rest of Critical Thinking to provide you with sweet clips in our various fun, dumb montages. We hope […]

Super Smash Bros Salt Montage 2: Little Mac & Ness Vs Ike & King Dedede

It’s rare that we get to fight a team for more than two or three matches. Co-Op team smash doesn’t involve GSP so we figured people would stay but they usually leave after losing three or so matches. These guys didn’t, not sure if we’ll ever come across them again but I think we got […]

Team Smash: We choose you, Pikachu! | Smash Ultimate Triple Feature (No Commentary)

Travis is the latest member of Critical Thinking, although he’s new Tony and Yoshy have had a hard time figuring out who gets to fight online with him, so here are three matches in which Travis paired up with Tony and Yoshy. As always, Tony is Ness but Yoshy decides to try Ike online which […]

Childhood Gaming Stories & Corrin Memes | Critical Thinking Podcast #05

In today’s podcast, we talk about our childhood gaming experiences as well as games we wish we played as a kid. From Starfox to Mario 64, we go on about this for awhile before swapping stories from when we were kids. At some point we talk about corn, not Corrin from Fire Emblem but we […]

Ness Montage: The Journey So Far | Smash Ultimate

Since Smash Ultimate released on the Nintendo Switch, Tony and Yoshy have been playing online whenever they can. Yoshy stuck with his Smash Wii U secondary, Little Mac. Tony did the same, but his secondary was Ness. Yoshy used to main Ike, but for reasons unknown to the us he hasn’t used Ike a whole […]