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Battle Arena Salt | Shlongstro (Little Mac) VS Bayonetta VS Terry

Little Mac has terrible aerials, subpar grabs, and his recovery is pathetic. His kit is gutted; he lost some of his bread and butter combos from Smash Wii U, and Mac mains miss his down tilt from the previous game. Overall, Little Mac has been downgraded in the few key aspects that made him viable […]

The Art of Disrespect III | Smash Bros Ultimate Montage

It’s a good day for a montage. We got a new team, and the same ol’ team. Ike, Ness Terry & Little Mac. The high flying wave of destruction, and the other high flying wave of destruction from the Bronx. No one expects an Air Mac, and few people make fun risky plays with Ness. […]

Little Mac Shenanigans (Battle Arena Montage)

It’s the kind of video that’s the last thing you think of before you go to sleep. You get up before breakfast to look at it again. Etching out a win with a low tier character might get a chuckle or two out of the match. However, with a bit of luck you can get […]

The Art of Disrespect II | Smash Bros Ultimate Montage

It’s the kind of video that’s the last thing you think of before you go to sleep. You get up before breakfast to look at it again. Being able to disrespect your opponent as they attempt to play their character can ultimately lead to them to play worse as they get salty. You can even […]

Team Smash Comeback Montage | (Little Mac & Ness) Super Smash Bros Ultimate

When the chips are down, it’s easy to just walk off the ledge. Taking a loss isn’t that big of a deal, especially in a co-op team smash. But we tend to go a bit extra here on Critical Thinking, especially in a co-op team smash. We like to think we’re pretty nice at Smash, […]

Bowser Slams into Ultimate | Smash Bros Battle Arena Montage

Demako once again graces us with one of his characters, this time it’s Bowser. Bowser is considered to be the all-rounder of super heavyweights. He is known for being the heaviest character in Ultimate, and some of his other attributes fit in the mold of an archetypical heavyweight. Demako likes playing a wide varity of […]

Sans DUNKS into Ultimate | Super Smash Bros Team Smash Montage

It’s time. There’s no other way to put it, we’ve always thought Sans and the memes he spawned were great. All of our Ness videos have had Megalovania or Deltarune music in it and it seemed to have annoyed people. Not the content, but just the reference to Undertale and Sans. Now that Sans is […]

Shlongstro Strikes Back | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Little Mac Montage

Shlongstro is mysterious. Not much is known about him, aside that he liked playing as Little Mac and Ike back on the Smash for Wii U days. We’ve asked for his return, and since then he’s popped up in some of our videos, but we figure we would make another one around him. His current […]

Richter Whips into Ultimate | Smash Bros Ultimate Montage

Demako has the talent, the drive, and the audacity to main Richter. Whenever he isn’t being told who to play as by his stream’s chat, he’ll usually go Richter. Or Snake. So far he’s been having a ton of fun on his twitch streams, but recently we asked if he could join the channel. So […]

The Hero Explodes into Ultimate | Smash Ultimate Montage

The Hero from Dragon Quest may be the most busted thing we’ve seen in a long time. It’s not every day you pick up a character right out of the box and immediately understand why so many people online truly hate (or love) this new Smash Bros DLC character. Although he’s new, we were able […]