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Little Mac & Ness Ruin People’s Day | Team Smash Salt Triple Feature (No Commentary)

Welcome to Critical Thinking! Yoshy loves using little mac, it’s his go-to character to have fun with online. Tony enjoys using Ness, his go-to character for any match in Smash. Today, we have three matches from co-op team smash that we hope you enjoy. Do you enjoy these with no commentary? Or would you like […]

Little Mac & Ness Vs the World | Team Smash Salt Triple Feature (No Commentary)

What’s better that duffing on fools online? Doing it with a friend. We hope you enjoy this triple feature, three team smash matches we had online using our Little Mac and Ness. #TeamSmash #SmashBros #SSBU Outro Music Settle It in Smash – Yungtown (Feat. Garrett Williamson) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEDz-106RLU

Super Smash Bros Salt Montage (Ness, Ike, & Little Mac clips)

It’s time to unleash the salt! We use Ness, Ike, & Little Mac to tilt the saltiest players online from Team Smash to Elite Smash. We tea-bag, use the same moves over and over again, spam and consent Ness spikes on people. From PK Thunders to armored smash attacks, we hope you enjoy this mountain […]

Ness Dunks into Ultimate | SSBU Ness Montage

Tony really likes using Ness, he also likes tea bagging – a lot. Tony doesn’t play Ness like others Ness mains do. Although Ness is known for his powerful back-throw and strong neutral game, Tony prefers to use his PK Thunder to launch himself into people whenever he notices an opportunity. What’s better than landing […]

Little Mac Punches into Ultimate | Smash Ultimate Montage

Little Mac is considered the worst character in Smash, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun using him. Little Mac has gained a mixed bag of changes during his transition from Smash 4 to Ultimate. Some good, but overall Little Mac could be improved. Despite all that, we still love using Little Mac, we […]

Piranha Plant chomps into Ultimate | Smash Ultimate Montage

Piranha Plant is here! When Piranha Plant was announced half the internet was upset while the other have couldn’t be more excited! We took one look at this silly plant and knew we would be able to get some sweet clips with no problems. Piranha Plant has spikes, spiked balls, and devastating throws so please […]

Ike Spikes into Ultimate | Smash Bros Ultimate Montage

Prepare yourself! Yoshy has been using Ike since Brawl and together with his team smash partner Tony they’ve gone on a rampage online in Ultimate. Ever since we got the game, we both felt that Ike has been buffed to the point that more people were probably going to start using him. Although we haven’t […]

Mario Slams into Ultimate | SSBU Montage

Although we usually play smash as Ike, Little Mac, or Ness – Yoshy has recently picked up playing as Mario at the tail end of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and has been using Mario on and off whenever he had time. We hope you enjoy his progress so far, as well as shouting […]

Ness Rockets into Ultimate | SSBU Ness Montage

Tony values his high risk, high reward gameplay style whenever he uses Ness. From baiting his opponents to jump over his PK Fire to using his PK Thunder (PK Rocket) to not only attack but to move about the stage has often been thought to be a poor strategy among our friends – that is […]

Little Mac Cuts Loose Again in SSBU | Smash Ultimate Montage

We’ve has been playing Little Mac since Smash 4, although no one seemed to take Little Mac mains seriously we always aimed to provide a fun video whenever we included our Little Mac plays. You guys really seemed to have enjoyed our last Little Mac video, so we thought we might as a well make […]