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Little Mac & Ness Vs Ganandorf & Zelda | Six Match Showcase No Commentary

Usually when we come across a team online we try to get funny or interesting clips for our montages. This was one of those times when we just had fun playing against another smash team. As always, we play as Ness & Little Mac and these matches happened a couple of months ago. This team […]

Little Mac Montage: The Journey So Far | Smash Ultimate

Since Smash Ultimate released on the Nintendo Switch, Tony and Yoshy have been playing online whenever they can. Tony stuck with his Smash Wii U secondary, Ness. Yoshy did the same, but his secondary was Little Mac. Tony used to main Little Mac, but for reasons unknown to the us he hasn’t used Little Mac […]

Translucent Gaming | Critical Thinking Podcast #03

Today, we discuss some gaming news, some tech stuff as well as what we’ve been up to these past few days. As always, our host Yoshy and Travis (Officer Horror Time) exchange a few words and gush over their love of modifying gameboy colors. Also, Tony isn’t in the show yet! Check out Officer Horror […]

The Art of Teamwork | Smash Ultimate Montage

Today, we add a new member to our motley crew of smashers. Welcome Officer Horror Time, while he normally does creepypastas he has been playing Smash since the beginning way back in the N64 days. He recently got into using Pikachu, so he’ll fit nicely among our Little Mac and Ness. Give him a warm […]

Video Game Foundations | Critical Thinking Podcast #02

Today, we tackling some heated gaming moments as well as bring up issues we’ve had with the gaming industry. As always, our host Yoshy and Travis (Officer Horror Time) exchange a few words and try their best not to argue on for too long. Also, Tony isn’t in the show yet! Check out Officer Horror […]

Ness & Little Mac Vs Pac Man & Wii Fit Trainer | Triple Feature No Commentary

It’s that time again. We play as Little Mac & Ness and play smash. We come across this Pac Man & Wii Fit Trainer online and we have some fun against them. The first match is a bit longer than we would have like it to have gone on for, but we make it up […]

Ness & Little Mac vs Dark Pit & Ganondorf | Team Smash Salt Triple Feature (No Commentary)

It seems everytime we go online to play some smash, either in Elite Smash or Co-Op, people leave after loosing or winning one match. Granted, no one likes loosing to a Little Mac or Ness, but that’s how it is sometimes. These guys with their Dark Pit and Ganondorf decided to stick around, we hope […]

Minisode Introductions | Critical Thinking Podcast #01

Most people have been asking – no, practically begging us to do a podcast as it would be a more relax and fun way to hang out and provide a look on what we’re like when we’re not dusting fools in Smash Bros Ultimate. At first we decided we wouldn’t produce a podcast, as most […]

How it FEELS to play Smash Ultimate Online

Smash Ultimate has been one heck of a ride so far. Little Mac has just enough recovery now that most people take him seriously, Ness feels like it’s so much easier to spike using him that it feels great to make so many people upset by using him to dunk people online and in locals. […]

Little Mac & Ness Ruin People’s Day | Team Smash Salt Triple Feature (No Commentary)

Welcome to Critical Thinking! Yoshy loves using little mac, it’s his go-to character to have fun with online. Tony enjoys using Ness, his go-to character for any match in Smash. Today, we have three matches from co-op team smash that we hope you enjoy. Do you enjoy these with no commentary? Or would you like […]