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REAL Fake Combos: Smash Wii U For Glory Montage (Team Smash)

We like to think that we’re pretty decent at Smash Bros., so much so that we usually go for dumb tag-team style assists and combos all the time just to see if they’ll work. We hope you enjoy our For Glory Team Smash combo video – featuring real fake combos since none of this is […]

Supah Smashed Academy: Bonus Clips: Ike, Little Mac, Ness | Smash Bros Montage

We record a lot of our For Glory matches, too many a day to count. Even though most of them don’t get used, either because they’re either not as hype as we thought they were or because they’re just dumb, we figured since Smash Wii U is coming to an end with the release of […]

Ike: Boku no Eruption | SSB4 Montage

Although one of us mains Ike, we haven’t made a For Glory Ike montage – until now. We like Ike, and we hope you enjoy the video! Ike made his Super Smash Bros. series debut in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a playable character, and has appeared as such since then. If you want to […]

Sudden Death Matches | Smash Bros Montage

Prepare yourself! In the event of a tie you’ll get tossed into Sudden Death – just don’t get tossed during that! Here’s a montage of us using Ike, Little Mac, and Ness in For Glory Team Battle Sudden Death matches. With Smash Ultimate seemingly eliminating the old bob-ombs for Sudden Death, we figured we would […]

Electroshock Therapy | Smash Bros Montage

That Pikachu is gonna learn today! Don’t ever chase a Ness off the ledge unless you absolutely know what you’re doing. We’ve seen many players get ledge spiked to Ness’ PK Thunder/Rocket recovery, and with this Pikachu it’s no different. We hope you enjoy this chill montage of us against this Pikachu. #Pikachu #Smash #SmashBros

Scooby-Doo Meme Mashup

Its the kind of video that’s the last thing you think of before you go to sleep. You get up before breakfast to look at it again. You inspect it daily- not for its obvious and numerous memes but you inspect it with your own hands for the curved rugged feel of its editing and […]

For Glory Misadventures | Supah Smashed Academy

On today’s episode of Supah Smashed Academy, Shlongstro strolls through For Glory and encounters a very strange troll. Sometimes in the search for high quality clips, we come across strange players online. This is one of those times. From not doing anything to apparently fighting like a Smash master these encounters had to be shared. […]

Smash Bros Meme Mashup 7: Is that a Jojo Reference?

Welcome to the latest Smash Bros Meme Mashup – once again headed by our meme-tastic edtior Game Goop and his bro Shlongstro. We got more memes you can shake a limp ding-a-ling at. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and check out the other insane junk we got on this channel. You could win a free […]

Smash Bros Meme Mashup 6: The Memes Strike Back

Smash Bros Meme Mashup: 6 The Memes Strike Back is showcases a series of matches between Shlongstro (Yoshy) vs some poor dude on For Glory. Please, enjoy this mashup of memes, smash bros, and some semi-decent moments in smash. We are two somewhat-comedic news casters turned Smashers, expect mid-level plays and high level shenanigans. However, […]

Ness Vs Mewtwo SSB4 For Glory Salt | EvilDaddY Vs Dr. Dirty

2 Fighters. No Research. ONE MINUTE MELEE… on for glory. Clearly, we’re not Hyun’s Dojo but we’ve always wanted to make an homage to their style of videos in some sort of way, mainly due to the fact we clearly don’t study the game as hard as other people. The “NO RESEARCH” part always cracked […]