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Team Smash Shenanigans in SSBU | Smash Ultimate Montage

Tony and Yoshy have been waiting to give Team Smash in Ultimate with their Little Mac, Ike, and Ness a try since they got the game when it came out earlier this month – let’s just say their teamwork from Smash 4 carried over in a lot of ways. From spikes to shield breaks, the […]

Ike Erupts into Ultimate | Smash Bros Ultimate Montage

Who knew Yoshy was so mean? We hope you enjoy this Smash Bros Ike montage. From Aether spikes to Erution knockouts, we have fun with our boy Ike against various people in this montage. We apologize in advance to those who only recently got into smash and had to deal with Yoshy being so mean. […]

Happy Holidays from Critical Thinking!

Season’s Yeetings, everyone! Happy Holidays, and a smashing new year! Enjoy this fun dumb wallpaper we made based on one of our replays in Smash Bros Ultimate – it’s Little Mac Side B-ing his way to victory on a poor Chrom.

Little Mac Cuts Loose in Smash Ultimate | SSBU Little Mac Montage

Little Mac has always been one of our favorite characters to use. Although we’re not sure if he’s been buffed enough, we can say that with what he has now we’re having a lot more fun with Little Mac than ever before. It’s time to cut loose in Ultimate! #SSBU #LittleMac #SmashBros

Spikes Footstools and Dives | The Final Smash 4 Montage

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our FINAL Smash Bros. for Wii U montage. It’s been an incredible journey, the game had a lot of ups and downs for us but even at it’s lowest it was still a blast to play with the whole Critical Thinking crew. Now with Smash Bros. Ultimate out, we’ll start […]

Smash of the Titans | SSB4/Smash Wii U

With Smash Bros Ultimate releasing later this week, there’s two videos we wanted to make for you guys. Next week’s video, and this bonus one. We hope you enjoy the last few hype moments we’ve recorded, and enjoy this semi-send off to Smash 4. Although next week’s video is Smash 4’s swan song, this opening […]

Scooby Doo Meme Mashup 2

Its the kind of video that’s the last thing you think of before you go to sleep. You get up before breakfast to look at it again. You inspect it daily- not for its obvious and numerous memes but you inspect it with your own hands for the curved rugged feel of its editing and […]

Little Mac For Glory Montage | SSB4

Although he isn’t considered a top tier character, we enjoy playing as Little Mac. He has a wide range of powerful attacks, many of which give him Super Armor, which can result in a number of crazy moments in Smash. Little Mac has the worst recovery in the game, it’s very short-ranged. Although Little Mac […]

REAL Fake Combos: Smash Wii U For Glory Montage (Team Smash)

We like to think that we’re pretty decent at Smash Bros., so much so that we usually go for dumb tag-team style assists and combos all the time just to see if they’ll work. We hope you enjoy our For Glory Team Smash combo video – featuring real fake combos since none of this is […]

Supah Smashed Academy: Bonus Clips: Ike, Little Mac, Ness | Smash Bros Montage

We record a lot of our For Glory matches, too many a day to count. Even though most of them don’t get used, either because they’re either not as hype as we thought they were or because they’re just dumb, we figured since Smash Wii U is coming to an end with the release of […]