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2 Fighters. No Research. ONE MINUTE MELEE… on for glory. Clearly, we’re not Hyun’s Dojo but we’ve always wanted to make an homage to their style of videos in some sort of way, mainly due to the fact we clearly don’t study the game as hard as other people. The “NO RESEARCH” part always cracked […]
Today on Supah Smashed Academy, we teach you how to properly give respect on For Glory. Although it’s commonplace to come across extremely salty individuals, with these steps you can prevent someone from getting upset by simply showing them the respect they deserve. Sometimes that means no respect. Absolutely none. Music used Slamfield (Battlefield) by […]
Today on Supah Smashed Academy, we teach you how to Ness! Ness is an unusual blend of character archetypes, being a short, projectile-heavy character with a lot of versatility with his moves. Ness’s weight is average and his falling speed is rather slow, giving him no disadvantage with weight alone. His walking speed is slow […]
So Tony got back today from a trip, and felt like playing Smash Bros. After selecting our characters on For Glory Team Battle I start recording, a few seconds later our opponents insult us without even fighting us yet. We not only kick their dongs off but I have a fun time editing the video.
On today’s Supah Smashed Academy showcase, Tony plays solo and plays like an ASSHOLE. Like damn, toying with people’s first stock just to swoop in and DESTROY them on their second stock – what tenacity. His first matchup is against a purple dinosaur with wings, and the whole match is a sad display on their […]
On Today’s Episode, Yoshy goes solo and tries to win with the least amount of effort as possible. Sort of. He’s going in with his favorite character to do the same thing over and over again with, Little Mac. Obviously he’ll go Ike when he feels like it, or if he gets dunked on. Hopefully […]