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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Torviz dunks on people while we crash the stream, please enjoy this stream highlight/montage. It’s been edited down from over 2 hours of streaming goodness. Subscribe to Torviz for more streams and Lets Plays, they range from unknown indie […]
On today’s episode, we show you a smash bros brawl smack down of epic proportions. Although there’s no commentary, we did edit down our hour long recording to the best bits, so enjoy as both Tony and Yoshy take on a team in Smash Bros. for Wii U and just throw out Ls to them […]
Today on Supah Smashed Academy, we teach you the basics of Smash Bros when you and your bro and smashed. Enjoy this light-hearted romp of a tutorial as we demonstrate it’s not all about frame-data and cheap grabbing and throwing methods but about that fighting spirit – and countless smash attacks. Smash Academy Basics I […]
On Today’s episode of Supah Smashed Academy, Schlongstro teaches you how to dunk on weak willed individuals while putting the least amount of effort through our unstoppable technique of doing the same thing over and over again with slight alterations.
On this episode of Ultra Smashed Fighter Z, our hero Schlongstro rises to the occasion and fights his opponents with not only style, but more style. With little to no skill, he must rely on luck on absurd number of memes and running gags to create a video for not only to amuse his co-star […]
Today, we mourn the tragic end of Miiverse. We take one final look at what the Miiverse community has brought us through their posts, memes, and it’s silliness. At least, on the Smash Bros side of things. Although it’s gone, Miiverse shall never truly be forgotten.
Tony dives into the complexity an actor such as Jesse will have to bring to the table in order to successfully pull off a character such as Lex Luthor. After viewing the movie, how was the portral of Lex Luthor? Did it do the character justice, or was there a vast room for improvement? Or […]