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Today, we add a new member to our motley crew of smashers. Welcome Officer Horror Time, while he normally does creepypastas he has been playing Smash since the beginning way back in the N64 days. He recently got into using Pikachu, so he’ll fit nicely among our Little Mac and Ness. Give him a warm […]
Smash Ultimate has been one heck of a ride so far. Little Mac has just enough recovery now that most people take him seriously, Ness feels like it’s so much easier to spike using him that it feels great to make so many people upset by using him to dunk people online and in locals. […]
Tony really likes using Ness, he also likes tea bagging – a lot. Tony doesn’t play Ness like others Ness mains do. Although Ness is known for his powerful back-throw and strong neutral game, Tony prefers to use his PK Thunder to launch himself into people whenever he notices an opportunity. What’s better than landing […]