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Welcome to the latest Smash Bros Meme Mashup – once again headed by our meme-tastic edtior Game Goop and his bro Shlongstro. We got more memes you can shake a limp ding-a-ling at. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and check out the other insane junk we got on this channel. You could win a free […]
Smash Bros Meme Mashup: 6 The Memes Strike Back is showcases a series of matches between Shlongstro (Yoshy) vs some poor dude on For Glory. Please, enjoy this mashup of memes, smash bros, and some semi-decent moments in smash. We are two somewhat-comedic news casters turned Smashers, expect mid-level plays and high level shenanigans. However, […]
So Tony got back today from a trip, and felt like playing Smash Bros. After selecting our characters on For Glory Team Battle I start recording, a few seconds later our opponents insult us without even fighting us yet. We not only kick their dongs off but I have a fun time editing the video.
Icons: Combat Arena beta key provided to us by Wavedash Games. Wavedash Games does not reflect Critical Thinking’s views or options on Icons or the Smash community. Critical Thinking may or may not keep playing this game. Critical Thinking Tea-Bags without mercy. Music Sonic 3 Act 2 Boss (Dance Remix) – Aurium/JemenJ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9ymm9od0Pw