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Little Mac’s greatest strength is his focused ground game. Little Mac’s special moves also have fair utility. His neutral special, Straight Lunge, gains distance and power as it charges. Straight Lunge deals heavy damage, and boasts light damage-based armor while charging, allowing him to withstand weak attacks before retaliating immediately afterward. #LittleMac #SuperSmashBrosUltimate #SmashBros #BattleArenaSalt
Little Mac offers a simple yet polarized fighting style, performing well on the ground and even better with a side of luck. While Mac is considered to be in a much lower tier compared to the majority of the rest of the playable characters, his player base is above average when producing salt among other […]
Today we take our newly acquired Pikachu main online, and we put some of the most fun clips we got against people. Tony’s going Ness, and Yoshy is going as Ike and Little Mac. We hope you enjoy the latest addition to the channel, his Pikachu is fresh but he’s already learning and yeeting people […]