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That Pikachu is gonna learn today! Don’t ever chase a Ness off the ledge unless you absolutely know what you’re doing. We’ve seen many players get ledge spiked to Ness’ PK Thunder/Rocket recovery, and with this Pikachu it’s no different. We hope you enjoy this chill montage of us against this Pikachu. #Pikachu #Smash #SmashBros
Smash Bros Meme Mashup: 6 The Memes Strike Back is showcases a series of matches between Shlongstro (Yoshy) vs some poor dude on For Glory. Please, enjoy this mashup of memes, smash bros, and some semi-decent moments in smash. We are two somewhat-comedic news casters turned Smashers, expect mid-level plays and high level shenanigans. However, […]
Do you like Super Smash Bros? Do you like low-tier memes and mains? Come on down to Critical Thinking’s meme mashup of Smash Bros For Glory shenanigans – brought to you by rum-n-coke. Enjoy a mashup of memes, smash bros, and some semi-decent moments in smash. Get hyped, get informed. We typically make videos on […]
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