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Today, we add a new member to our motley crew of smashers. Welcome Officer Horror Time, while he normally does creepypastas he has been playing Smash since the beginning way back in the N64 days. He recently got into using Pikachu, so he’ll fit nicely among our Little Mac and Ness. Give him a warm […]
Although one of us mains Ike, we haven’t made a For Glory Ike montage – until now. We like Ike, and we hope you enjoy the video! Ike made his Super Smash Bros. series debut in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a playable character, and has appeared as such since then. If you want to […]
Prepare yourself! In the event of a tie you’ll get tossed into Sudden Death – just don’t get tossed during that! Here’s a montage of us using Ike, Little Mac, and Ness in For Glory Team Battle Sudden Death matches. With Smash Ultimate seemingly eliminating the old bob-ombs for Sudden Death, we figured we would […]