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Today we take our newly acquired Pikachu main online, and we put some of the most fun clips we got against people. Tony’s going Ness, and Yoshy is going as Ike and Little Mac. We hope you enjoy the latest addition to the channel, his Pikachu is fresh but he’s already learning and yeeting people […]
Tony really likes using Ness, he also likes tea bagging – a lot. Tony doesn’t play Ness like others Ness mains do. Although Ness is known for his powerful back-throw and strong neutral game, Tony prefers to use his PK Thunder to launch himself into people whenever he notices an opportunity. What’s better than landing […]
That Pikachu is gonna learn today! Don’t ever chase a Ness off the ledge unless you absolutely know what you’re doing. We’ve seen many players get ledge spiked to Ness’ PK Thunder/Rocket recovery, and with this Pikachu it’s no different. We hope you enjoy this chill montage of us against this Pikachu. #Pikachu #Smash #SmashBros