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Today on Supah Smashed Academy, we teach you how to properly give respect on For Glory. Although it’s commonplace to come across extremely salty individuals, with these steps you can prevent someone from getting upset by simply showing them the respect they deserve. Sometimes that means no respect. Absolutely none. Music used Slamfield (Battlefield) by […]
Do you like Super Smash Bros? Do you like low-tier memes and mains? Come on down to Critical Thinking’s meme mashup of Smash Bros For Glory shenanigans – brought to you by rum-n-coke. Enjoy a mashup of memes, smash bros, and some semi-decent moments in smash. Get hyped, get informed. We typically make videos on […]
On Today’s episode of Supah Smashed Academy, Schlongstro teaches you how to dunk on weak willed individuals while putting the least amount of effort through our unstoppable technique of doing the same thing over and over again with slight alterations.
On this episode of Ultra Smashed Fighter Z, our hero Schlongstro rises to the occasion and fights his opponents with not only style, but more style. With little to no skill, he must rely on luck on absurd number of memes and running gags to create a video for not only to amuse his co-star […]