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Today we take our newly acquired Pikachu main online, and we put some of the most fun clips we got against people. Tony’s going Ness, and Yoshy is going as Ike and Little Mac. We hope you enjoy the latest addition to the channel, his Pikachu is fresh but he’s already learning and yeeting people […]
Smash Ultimate has been one heck of a ride so far. Little Mac has just enough recovery now that most people take him seriously, Ness feels like it’s so much easier to spike using him that it feels great to make so many people upset by using him to dunk people online and in locals. […]
Prepare yourself! Yoshy has been using Ike since Brawl and together with his team smash partner Tony they’ve gone on a rampage online in Ultimate. Ever since we got the game, we both felt that Ike has been buffed to the point that more people were probably going to start using him. Although we haven’t […]