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With Smash Bros Ultimate releasing later this week, there’s two videos we wanted to make for you guys. Next week’s video, and this bonus one. We hope you enjoy the last few hype moments we’ve recorded, and enjoy this semi-send off to Smash 4. Although next week’s video is Smash 4’s swan song, this opening […]
On today’s episode, we show you a smash bros brawl smack down of epic proportions. Although there’s no commentary, we did edit down our hour long recording to the best bits, so enjoy as both Tony and Yoshy take on a team in Smash Bros. for Wii U and just throw out Ls to them […]
Today on Supah Smashed Academy, we teach you the basics of Smash Bros when you and your bro and smashed. Enjoy this light-hearted romp of a tutorial as we demonstrate it’s not all about frame-data and cheap grabbing and throwing methods but about that fighting spirit – and countless smash attacks. Smash Academy Basics I […]