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Tony really likes using Ness, he also likes tea bagging – a lot. Tony doesn’t play Ness like others Ness mains do. Although Ness is known for his powerful back-throw and strong neutral game, Tony prefers to use his PK Thunder to launch himself into people whenever he notices an opportunity. What’s better than landing […]
Prepare yourself! Yoshy has been using Ike since Brawl and together with his team smash partner Tony they’ve gone on a rampage online in Ultimate. Ever since we got the game, we both felt that Ike has been buffed to the point that more people were probably going to start using him. Although we haven’t […]
With Smash Bros Ultimate releasing later this week, there’s two videos we wanted to make for you guys. Next week’s video, and this bonus one. We hope you enjoy the last few hype moments we’ve recorded, and enjoy this semi-send off to Smash 4. Although next week’s video is Smash 4’s swan song, this opening […]