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On today’s episode of Supah Smashed Academy, Shlongstro strolls through For Glory and encounters a very strange troll. Sometimes in the search for high quality clips, we come across strange players online. This is one of those times. From not doing anything to apparently fighting like a Smash master these encounters had to be shared. […]
Hello Internet, welcome to Supah Smashed Academy! A light-hearted gaming series that ranges from homages to fellow Smash Bros creators to compilations of memes injected into clips from the channel’s stream sessions. Today we’re going to show you the former, with a video of the latter coming next week! – Yoshy the Magician Music Game […]
On today’s Supah Smashed Academy showcase, Tony plays solo and plays like an ASSHOLE. Like damn, toying with people’s first stock just to swoop in and DESTROY them on their second stock – what tenacity. His first matchup is against a purple dinosaur with wings, and the whole match is a sad display on their […]