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Season’s Yeetings, everyone! Happy Holidays, and a smashing new year! Enjoy this fun dumb wallpaper we made based on one of our replays in Smash Bros Ultimate – it’s Little Mac Side B-ing his way to victory on a poor Chrom.
With Smash Bros Ultimate releasing later this week, there’s two videos we wanted to make for you guys. Next week’s video, and this bonus one. We hope you enjoy the last few hype moments we’ve recorded, and enjoy this semi-send off to Smash 4. Although next week’s video is Smash 4’s swan song, this opening […]
Although he isn’t considered a top tier character, we enjoy playing as Little Mac. He has a wide range of powerful attacks, many of which give him Super Armor, which can result in a number of crazy moments in Smash. Little Mac has the worst recovery in the game, it’s very short-ranged. Although Little Mac […]